29th November 2014

To hide from the tax inspection in Prague will no longer be available

The journal Lidové Noviny announced that the Directorate general of Financial Administration would use the tool of so called “delegation” to move the sites of companies that are not effectively doing their business in Prague from the capitals to their respective cities and regions. This measure is introduced to prevent the companies to hide in the herd as for example at Prague the average time between individual controls of one company is 190 years. This situation comes from the fact that according to the General Directorate database there are 43 000 registered “virtual” companies with their headquarters at only 280 addresses in Prague compared to 10 000 companies in the rest of the republic. Lidové Noviny further wrote on this matter that Prague has effectively become “heaven of entrepreneurs” as they moved their headquarters from the region they were doing business in to Prague.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic