24th January 2017

Transport Ministers set to connect Czech D11 highway and Polish S3 motorway

The Czech Transport minister and his Polish counterpart declared the will to carry on with works on the Czech D11 highway and the Polish S3 motorway. The D11 highway forms a part of the Warsaw - Wroclaw - Hradec Králové - Prague international long-distance route.

The works on the part Hradec Králové – Smiřice – Jaroměř should start in the second half of 2017, the Czech Transport Minister Dan Ťok said. The works on the part between Trutnov and the Polish border, that has received a positive EIA decision, would follow.

The D11 higway should be continued by the S3 expressway Lubawka - Legnica - Szczecin on the Polish side. The works on the Polish side should be finalized by 2023, the Polish Transport Minister Andrzej Adamczik said.

The transport ministers discussed modernisation of the railway corridor between Ostrava and Katowice and the future of high-speed railway connection between the countries.

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The Czech construction market is more open compared with the neighbouring countries, an article by ihned.cz suggests, and that is the reason why a larger number of foreign companies/consortia submit their bids in public tenders. There have been calls for greater protection of the market.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic