19th January 2017

U.S.-EU Joint Report on TTIP Progress to Date

Accordting to recently published U.S.-EU Joint Report on TTIP Progress to Date, the negotiators have made significant strides since 2013, identifying landing zones for certain issues, finding common ground on other important issues, and clarifying the remaining differences.

...For example, we have:
 Exchanged offers to eliminate duties on 97% of our tariff lines, a large majority of which would be phased out immediately upon entry into force of the agreement or phased out quickly.

 Identified steps to reduce unnecessarily burdensome requirements and delays at our borders.

 Agreed that TTIP must include strong obligations to protect the environment and fundamental labour rights and should encourage cooperation to support strong labour and environmental standards in our trade partners.

 Negotiated a dedicated chapter in TTIP focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, which, among other things, would help SMEs better navigate the transatlantic marketplace through the provision of enhanced on-line information and new mechanisms for U.S.-EU cooperation. 

 Agreed on the importance of transparency and due process in trade remedy procedures
and competition policy.

Read full report here (in English).


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic