16th September 2014

Unrest in Ukraine speaks for the completion of Czech nuclear plants

Czech Minister of Industry and Commerce Jan Mládek during his speech at the Business Forum Conference on Europe Natural Gas Supplies said that the situation in Ukraine was the argument for the completion of nuclear power plants in Dukovany and in Temelín. He also added that if you had the nuclear fuel and energy engineers you were energy self-sufficient. Furthermore, Minister warned about the potential crisis in Balkan in the case the Russian gas stopped flowing. He also added that most European countries did enough to prepare themselves but some like Bulgaria did very little and could face serious humanitarian catastrophe if EU didn’t start solving the problem. Temelín can easily assure its fuel for 3 years from its current Russian supplier TVEL which is supplier from July 2011 when it substituted Westinghouse. Also all other Czech reactors including the commercial and scientific ones run on Russian fuel.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic