5th January 2015

Updated list of economic contacts on Czech embassies abroad

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic issued updated list of economic diplomats stationed at Czech embassies abroad. Nowadays the Czech Republic has its Embassies or Consulates General in more than 90 countries of the world with their agenda reaching also to their neighboring countries. There the main goal of our economic diplomats is to provide assistance and information to Czech companies along with the economic lobbying support in the respective countries. Economic diplomats’ services for the Czech companies and entrepreneurs that are provided for free are wide and are ranging from binding suitable business partners (mainly B2G, G2G) and arranging business meeting with them to providing political and business information and facilitating contacts with decision making personnel and organizations. For the countries where CzechTrade (Czech Invest) bureaus are present the B2B requests are processed preferably by these bureaus. The situation is different for B2G and G2G requests as they are processed preferably by Embassies and Consulates General themselves.

See the updated contact list here and the list of CzechTrade offices here.

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