13th October 2014

Westinghouse Offered Co-financing of Czech Nuclear Plants Construction

CEO of Westinghouse for the Czech Republic Pavel Janík said that the Japan-American company Westinghouse is ready to co-finance the construction of new blocs in Czech nuclear power plants. This approach is already followed by the Westinghouse in Bulgaria where it will provide all equipment project and engineering works and nuclear fuel. In exchange it will own 30 % of the newly created company for the construction of the power plant. Another similar projects is in the United Kingdom where Toshiba majority owner of Westinghouse will get 60 % in NuGeneration Ltd. That is constructing three new Westinghouse nuclear power plants in the country. Ministries of Finance and of Industry and Commerce have been already informed about this proposal. However, all is now dependent on the outcomes of government ruling that is to create Complex plan for the development of nuclear energetics that is to be presented at the end of this year.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic