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Most visited touristic destinations in 2013

16 September 2014

On Tuesday 16th September the CzechTourism agency made public the list of the Czech most visited touristic destinations in the year 2013. On the first three places in the overall TOP 20 placed Prague Castle, Prague ZOO and Aquapalace Prague. First location that was outside Prague placed fourth and it was Landek Park in the area of lower Vítkovice. In the TOP 10 castles and chateaux the order was: 1st Prague Castle, 2nd Chateau Lednice and 3rd Chateau and Castle in Český Krumlov. From the nature sites:  Path in the Treetops Lipno, Punkva River Caves and Macocha and third the Gorges of Kamenice. The list was made in the cooperation of CzechTourism and other cultural and nature preserving agencies. You can find additional data in the attached spreadsheet.

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Unrest in Ukraine speaks for the completion of Czech nuclear plants

16 September 2014

Czech Minister of Industry and Commerce Jan Mládek during his speech at the Business Forum Conference on Europe Natural Gas Supplies said that the situation in Ukraine was the argument for the completion of nuclear power plants in Dukovany and in Temelín. He also added that if you had the nuclear fuel and energy engineers you were energy self-sufficient. Furthermore, Minister warned about the potential crisis in Balkan in the case the Russian gas stopped flowing. He also added that most European countries did enough to prepare themselves but some like Bulgaria did very little and could face serious humanitarian catastrophe if EU didn’t start solving the problem. Temelín can easily assure its fuel for 3 years from its current Russian supplier TVEL which is supplier from July 2011 when it substituted Westinghouse. Also all other Czech reactors including the commercial and scientific ones run on Russian fuel.

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Czech company can save thousands from Ebola virus

15 September 2014

One Czech company named EGO located in Zlín has developed and is currently producing special bio sacks and other innovative protective devices (Bioboxes) that can prevent the spread of the Ebola disease from patients and dead people to other people during their treatment and transportation of bodies. The EGO company will present their products at the Czech embassy in Belgium where it would meet the representatives of MSF whom EGO already delivered 4 bio sacks and the representatives of WHO, NATO or European Commission. EGO is one of the few companies that can actually respond to the WHO calls for immediate help. Outside the countries affected by Ebola also Brazil already ordered bio sacks in the preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games in 2016. Also its second product Biobox which allows doctors to treat patients without the risk of transfer of the disease is one of a kind and when presented on both world’s greatest medical fairs in Düsseldorf and in Dubaj it had no competition. This product is used for example at the hospital Bulovka on its isolation ward.

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Amazon could build its third warehouse near Prague

15 September 2014

According to the information provided by the E15 journal the Amazon company could build its third warehouse for the returned goods in the Pavlov near Prague. According to one of the sources the Panattoni company, which situated Amazon to its location in Dobrovíz where the construction has already begun, is interested in the plots there. This information is not yet officially confirmed however previously Amazon vice-president for Europe said that there are many interesting places for Amazon in the Czech Republic. The construction of the warehouse in Pavlov near the speedway R6 could mean creation of at least 1 000 workplaces.

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Ups and Downs of Czech Tourism

12 September 2014

According to the Czech National Bank data that was presented on 9th September the income from the tourism for the second quarter of 2014 reached 37.5 bn which is 12.3 % more than previous year. The lower number of Russian tourists was compensated by the tourists from neighbouring countries and from China and South Korea. Year-on-year the incomes for the first half of the year from the tourism grew by 6.7 % and reached total amount of 70.6 bn. But recently the efforts of Czech travel agencies and other tourism related services were seriously undermined when Prague mayor Tomáš Hudeček revoked partnership status with Moscow and Saint Petersburg. This move was deeply criticised by the Association of Czech Travel Agencies, Union of Spas of the Czech Republic and Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic. This move caused sharp decrease in willingness of Russian tourists to come to the Czech Republic and more than 30 % of reservations were cancelled by the Russian tourists.

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Věra Jourová’s Post in European Commission.

10 September 2014

On Wednesday 10th September new European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker presented its new European Commission. Czech nominee Minister of Regional Development Věra Jourová obtained the agenda of justice, consumer protection and gender equality. According to her own words Věra Jourová doesn’t consider it a failure. Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka congratulated Věra Jourová on this occasion said that obtaining this agenda means a great success and recognition of Czech qualities. This agenda is according to the Jean-Claude Juncker part of the 10 main areas in the period that is to come. Věra Jourová could also benefit from her knowledge of law as she had studied it at the university.

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Czech Growth and Czech Exports

08 September 2014

According to the data of Czech Statistical Office the Czech economy grew in July by 8.6 % year-on-year and in comparison to 8.3 % in June. The main contribution was from the side of automotive industry where the production rose by 46.6 % year-on-year. Also the contracts grew in year-on-year comparison by 17.6 %. Contracts from abroad grew by 14 % and amount of domestic contracts grew by 24.7 %. Only the building industry was in year-on-year comparison by 3.7 % but this was caused by unusual July previous year when the rate of construction was high because of the flood damage. Also Czech trade balance remains active as it ended with 11.5 bn surplus. It was 6.6 bn more in year-on-year comparison. Export in July grew by 18.3 % year-on-year and import by 15.7 %. According to the data July was the most successful month for the exporters even though most of the trade surplus was thanks to machinery and automotive industry. According to the UniCredit economist Pavel Sobíšek the export of machinery could be negatively affected by the sanctions against Russia but the outlook for the upcoming months still looks slightly positive.

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Renewed Council Met for the First Time

05 September 2014

On Thursday 4th September the renewed Governmental Council for the Sustainable Development convened for the first time. The council will deal with the long-term development of economy, social area and environment. Its goal will be to assess and react on long-term trends of the global development. The council itself will not design precise measures but it will outline basic “corridors”. It will play the role of the man in the middle between government and external partners, academic sphere and experts. It will also represent Czech Republic in relevant arenas when negotiating with UN. In October the first round table with the representatives of companies and trade unions is planned. In November Forum of Sustainable Development is going to be held.

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Czech national budget is to have the deficit of 90 bn

31 August 2014

According to the interview with Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka the Czech national budget is to have the deficit of 90 bn CZK which is significantly less than previous estimate of 112 bn CZK. According to the estimates presented by the Prime Minister the economy should grow steadily in the next two years by 2.5 %. This gives the government the opportunity to rework the budget and to allocate more money to some areas. So far Ministry of Finance counted with the deficit of 100 bn and already allocated 16 bn more to the particular resorts. With the estimate of the deficit of 90 bn the amount of allocated money could be even better. The deadline for the government to present its proposal to the Parliament is set to the end of September. The government coalition accordingly to its programme wants to use the money to boost the industrial growth.

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Czech economy stagnated during the second quarter

29 August 2014

According to the data provided by the Czech Statistical Office on Friday 28th August the Czech economy stagnated during the second quarter compared to the previous quarter. In year-on-year comparison the Czech economy grew by 2.6 %. As expected the Czech economy was affected by the development on the markets in the neighbouring countries as the whole European Union is affected by the sanctions imposed on Russia and vice-versa on EU member states. According to the Czech Statistical Office the Czech import grew in the second quarter by 0.3 and export fell by 0.4 % and thus the external trade is no longer the key aspect of the creation of GDP compared to the first quarter. The costs of final consumption remained unchanged during the second quarter. Professor Kamil Janeček, member of the banking council of the Czech national Bank, said in his interview that the growth despite the ongoing exchange rate intervention would not exceed the 4 % in the long-term mainly because of some structural problems.

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