22nd October 2013

Politics: 2013 Parliamentary Elections - AmCham analysis

Czech citizens will go to the polls this weekend to elect a new Chamber of Deputies, and, by doing so, express their preference for which parties should form a new government and which individual should be the new prime minister. It is treasured mark of human progress that individuals have this opportunity to choose those who will lead their country. This right is individual, and fulfilling that right a crucial expression of each citizen’s commitment to community.

AmCham has been asked by members to express an opinion about the intentions of political parties and predictions of what will come. In order to fulfill the first request, we decided to let the parties speak for themselves. We have met with all the political parties with more than 2% expressed support in at least two major national polls- with the exception of SPOZ (which could not find a proper representative to attend our meeting) and Usvit (which was not polling so highly at the time of our invitation). We have discussed each party’s priorities, as well as AmCham’s.  A summary of those discussions are attached for your review.

To read the full AmCham analysis, click on the title. To download analysis as pdf file, click here.

2013 Parliamentary Elections - meeting minutes to download:

ANO meeting minutes                                      

CSSD meeting minutes

KDU-CSL meeting minutes                             

KSCM meeting minutes

ODS meeting minutes                                     

SZ meeting minutes

TOP 09 meeting minutes


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