26th April 2018

2018 World Press Freedom ranking: Czech Republic drops 11 places

The 2018 World Press Freedom ranking, published annually by Reporters Without Borders, mentions the Czech President Milos Zeman pulling out a dummy Kalashnikov bearing the inscription “for journalists" at press conference in October 2017. 

There is also concern about several newly-drafted bills that would increase the range of criminal penalties for defamation, especially defamation of the president, the report outlines.

The level of media ownership concentration has become critical since new oligarchs began using their fortunes in 2008 to buy newspapers in order to reinforce their influence. 


The Czech Republic dropped by 11 places, compared with the 2017 ranking.



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Source: Reporters Without Borders, World Press Freedom Index 2018

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic