7th November 2016

20th Forum 2000 Conference: The Courage to Take Responsibility

Take a look at the outcomes from this year´s Forum 2000 Conference entitled “The Courage to take responsibility”. Watch full videos, browse the photo gallery, read documents here.

Also, click on Martin Ehl's commentary for the tol.org portal, describing how the Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit to Central Europe provided some answers to the state of Chinese relations, or Havel’s legacy, for example.

Read also Prague Castle Releases Statement on Czech-Chinese Relations and The reaction of Czech Human Rights NGO to the Statement of the Government Representatives to Dalai Lama's meetings.

A related article Czech President's Snub Of Holocaust Survivor Outrages Countrymen published by the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Meanwhile, there are voices that say that the attention devoted to the Czech-Chineses relations is inadequate and these relations cannot be compared with the potential offered by the common European market. For example, economic analyst of Roklen24 Lukáš Kovanda published volumes of trade between the Czech Republic and China and the Czech Republic and Germany: in 2013, exports to Germany were 26.4x higher than to China, in Jan-Aug 2016 28.9x higher. The Industry Minister Mládek responded that the inadequacy perspective may be right from the statistical point of view, but not from the point of view of dynamics.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic