15th February 2016

Aktualne.cz: Quality of life in Czech regions - Prague wins

The Aktualne.cz server compared quality of life in 14 Czech regions based on 24 criteria such as average life span of citizens, accessibility of medical care, level of crime, air pollution, situation in the labor market, or participation of citizens in life and decisions related to respective regions. Prague, the capital, came first, followed by the Královéhradecký and Central Bohemian regions. In Prague, there are 8 physicians per 1,000 labor force and 28 out of the total number of the country's hospitals. Median monthly wage is CZK 27,901, compared with CZK 19,512 in the Karlovarský region, the region with the worst ranking in terms of the quality of life. Prague could be better off also due to the fact that the share of families with children bellow 14 years of age - this group is economically sensitive - is lower than in other Czech regions. Read more (in Czech).

According to the data published by the Czech Statistical Office, Prague and the Central Bohemian regions have the lowest share of the elderly on the total population of individual regions. Compared with other regions, Prague has also the biggest share of economically active pensioners (11.1%). Read details.

More data on the society and the quality of life in an article by Prague Post.

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