5th August 2016

AmCham Policy Report- Issue 7 - August 5: US Presidential Elections: The “Devil” or the deep Blue sea?

(Česká verze níže.) Remember a few years ago when the big discussion on television was whether the media had some public obligation to broadcast the political party conventions at all? Blame Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for whatever you want, but they turned this year’s convention coverage into a reality television and social media festival. And, as it is with every good script, what happened in the end was not what had people talking (a Republican establishment rebellion against usurper Trump, or a Bernie Sanders-led floor revolution against Hillary), but what was anticipated: the nomination of Mr. Trump, and then Mrs. Clinton. 

In the process, both candidates gave a clear picture of how they will spend the last 100 days of campaigning to be President. Mr. Trump will continue to position himself as the political outsider who will even take on his own (recently adopted) party’s leaders to utterly transform American politics and fix its problems by himself. He will run a campaign based on personal charisma: very much the entrepreneur as President. 

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic