2nd April 2016

CVVM: Interest in politics, possibilities of participation in politics - survey

The Sociological institute of the Academy of science of the Czech Republic / CVVM agency published results of a survey on interest of Czechs in politics and possibilities of their participation in politics. The survey shows that Czechs are primarily interested in domestic affairs (56% of respondents). 45% of respondents are interested in political affairs in general, 40% follow EU affairs and 42% are interested in global politics. 

Also, 54% of respondents declared they were not interested in politics in general. 59% of respondents were not interested in EU politics and 57% did not follow developments in global politics. Interest in EU politics has seen the greatest increase, with 32% of respondents interested and 70% not interested respondents in 2008 (42%/57% in 2016).  

Only 14% of respondents believe that elected politicians are interested in what the citizens think (an increase from 8% in 2008). 64% of respondents agreed with the statement that politics is sometimes so complicated that it is difficult to understand it (the share of respondents has decreased). 

Read more details (in Czech).

Also, 57% of respondents were happy with the way democracy functions in the country, another CVVM-conducted survey showed. Read details in Czech.


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