8th February 2016

Czech Radio Plus: Interview with Head of Czech Constitutional Court Pavel Rychetský on democracy, political parties, engagement

Czech Radio Plus published today an interview with the Head of the Czech Constitutional Court Pavel Rychetský, who answered questions related to Czech political parties, political culture, and how the situation could be improved, among others. 

…We are witnesses to a trend that political parties close inside and there has been decay and degeneration of the political world. Addressing a question on political culture and how it can be improved, Mr. Rychetský mentioned that former Czech President Václav Havel used to emphasize the idea of citizens engaged within the place they live in, in their professions and in their interests, hobbies. He also said that it is absurd that politicians and media continuously tend to emphasize negative news, polarize society and thus undermine wilingness of citizens to engage. Addressing the question on lengthy and complicated parliamentary debates in the Czech Parliament, Mr. Rychetský quoted W. Churchill and his idea that the mankind has not come up with anything better than a parliamentary debate...

Click here to read and listen to the interview.

Read also an interview for the ceskapozice.cz server with the sociologist and politologist Tomáš Lebeda on the Czech political system, culture and outlook for the autumn regional elections.


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