24th October 2016

Czech Statistical Office, Czech News Agency: Czech Regional, Senate elections in numbers

In the first half of October 2016, regional (the capital city of Prague excluded) and the Senate (the Upper Chamber of the Czech Parliament) elections took place.

Turnout for the regional elections reached 34.6% of registered voters, where 675 representatives were elected to regional governments out of the total no. of 1, 803 candidates. The representatives age from 21 to 73. Also, 20.3% of the representatives are women. ANO won in 9 regions, CSSD in 2 regions, KDU-CSL in 1 region and Mayors for Liberecky region in 1 region. The highest number of preferential votes have received Jiří Čunek (KDU-CSL, 14 468) in the Zlinsky region, Stanislav Juránek (KDU-CSL, 14 269) in the South Moravian region and Dana Drábová (STAN-Mayors&Independent, 11 592) in the Central Bohemian region. Election results in an infographic by the Czech Radio Plus. Coalitions in regions up to date in an infographic by the Czech News Agency CTK (as of 21 October, some coalitions not agreed yet). Regional governors in an inforgraphic by iDNES.cz.

In the elections to the Senate, one-third of the total number of 81 Senators is elected every two years, giving Senators six-year terms. The turnout in the 1st round of the 2016 elections reached 33.5%, in the 2nd round 15.4% of registered voters. 27 Senators were elected out of the total no. of 233 candidates. Out of the 27 Senators, 6 are women. Out of the 27, 10 Senators managed to retain their seats. Senators are aged 44 to 68 and got support ranging from 51.85% to 80.19% of voters who turned out. Fourteen ANO candidates advanced to the 2nd round, but only three of them were elected. CSSD retained two Senators out of twelve they had prior to the elections. KDU-CSL gained 6 seats, ODS 3 seats, and TOP09 and STAN-Mayors&Independent 2 seats both, Greens 1 seat, etc. the Government coalition of CSSD-ANO-KDU-CSL retained majority in the Senate. 

„This year, a long election marathon started that will end in 2027,“ Head of the Czech Statistical Office Iva Ritschelová said.

See also results of Student Elections (a project of the One World NGo) where 31,867 students from 254 secondary and vocational schools across the Czech Republic voted in September 2016 for parties that ran in the regular elections held in October 2016. 

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