8th March 2016

Czech Statistical Office: Focus on Women & Men 2015 | More initiatives on occasion of International Women's Day

The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) published earlier a report focusing on comparison of differences between women and men in various areas of life in the Czech society, including the subjective assessment of satisfaction with selected aspects of life (Persons 16+). Read more.

Life expectancy for women was 80 years; for men 72 years in 2012. But on average women spend 10 yrs in ill health, says the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO/Europe is drawing on the evidence and experience of key experts in women's health from national and local governments, academia, United Nations agencies, civil society and other partners to develop a European strategy for women's health.

Developed through a series of consultations, with guidance from Member States, the strategy will be presented for adoption by countries in the Region at the 66th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in September 2016. The draft strategy will make synergies with other documents put forward to the Regional Committee at the same time – in particular, the European human rights-based sexual and reproductive health action plan for 2017–2021 and the strategy and action plan on refugee and migrant health in the WHO European Region for 2016–2022. Read more. WHO: what does gender equality mean? Marital satisfaction, Happier, healthier children, Job satisfaction, Healthier Women & Healthier Men.

Also, victims of violence against women must be better protected across Europe. One in three women in the EU has experienced physical or sexual violence, or both. More than half of all women have experienced sexual harassment after the age of 15. These figures are unacceptable and this goes against our values, said Commissioner Věra Jourová on March 4, 2016 on the occasion of official proposal of EU accession to international Convention to fight violence against women. Read details.

According to OECD statistics, the share of seats for women on boards of the largest publicly listed companies (2015 or latest available year) is slightly higher than 10% in the Czech Republic. View details

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic