10th October 2018

Grayling Czech Republic Political Digest - Municipal Election

Most of us have been exposed to the relentlessness of the election campaign over the past few months leading up to the municipal election at the end of last week.

The election campaign had no shortage of absurdity - ranging from a rapping mayor to a politician climbing out of a dumpster, and money. Latest estimates show that the ANO movement spend over 120 million CZK (4.6 million EUR) in the election campaign.

Despite the fact, that the ANO movement was successful in most of the cities in the Czech Republic, Andrej Babiš – the Prime Minister and leader of the ANO movement – clearly expressed his disappointment with Adriana Krnáčová, former Mayor of Prague and was not satisfied with the result of Mr Stuchlík (leader of the candidate list in Prague). 

On the other hand, new political parties and entities were able to be successful in a number of cities including Prague. The Pirate party gained a significant number of new municipal representatives and a number of successful political entities shook up the municipal political landscape (Citizens for Budějovice, ForOlomouc, Prague Together).


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