9th October 2018

Grayling Czech Republic Political Digest September 2018

The election campaigns clearly illustrate that. They have been absurd, ranging from a rapping mayor to a politician climbing out of a dumpster. While this is a nadir in political marketing, we must not forget that our scepticism might be outweighed by the hope epitomised by the Prague Together (Praha Sobě) campaign. This successful grassroots movement, originally from Prague 7, might surprise us all with a new approach to municipal politics.



Shards of eHealth
The Czech Republic is infamous for its inflexible and complicated eGovernment solutions and there has been very little progress over the past few years. Although we saw a lot of promises ahead of the parliamentary election last autumn, a year has passed and not much has happened to ease the daily lives of Czech citizens.

However, from time to time we do see some projects that make sense and are of significant benefit to ordinary people. Electronic prescriptions are one such service. Although the project’s initial launch was accompanied by several missteps, earlier this week the Ministry of Health introduced a complementary feature – patient medical records.

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