18th June 2016

OECD Regions at a Glance 2016: Czech regions get high scores for education, low for housing, income, civic engagement, health

Recently published OECD Regions at a Glance report says that all the Czech regions rank among the top 20% of the 395 OECD regions in education (share of labour force with at least a secondary degree), with Prague in the top 5%. The country has large regional disparities in access to services, jobs, and community, the latter being the third largest regional gap among OECD countries. 

The high performing Czech regions fare better than the OECD average in 7 of out of the 13 indicators: broadband access, employment and unemployment rates, perceived social support network, homicide rate, self-evaluation of life satisfaction and share of labour force with at least a secondary degree.

Regions with similar well-being as Prague, for example, are Tel Aviv District, Israel, Bratislava Region, Slovakia, Mazowieckie, Poland, and Western Slovenia, the OECD analysis says.

More details for the Czech Republic and Czech regions (8, OECD classification) are available here and here 

Also, OECD data highlight the fact that, since 2000, majority of Czech regions have shown decline in the indicator Housing (Prague, Central Bohemia, Northwest, Southeast, Central Moravia, Moravia-Silesia). Additionally, Moravia-Silesia has shown decline in the indicator Environment and the Southeast and Central Moravian regions have shown decline in the indicator Safety. For details view the data tables attached below.

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