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20th December 2021 / Politics / Elections

Next Government: What to expect?:This government have more economic horsepower behind them than any previous government

Czechia will move from a government dominated by one personality to a coalition with many moving parts. The incoming Prime Minister- Petr Fiala of ODS- is touted by his former colleagues in academia for his experience with herding professioral cats: his strength, they say, is merging others' ambitions into a single objective. 
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18th October 2021 / Politics / Elections

Czech Parliamentary elections: Now the negotiation

Parliamentary elections over the weekend shifted voter preferences, but did not surprise. Three major party groups (ANO, SPOLU, and PiratStan) were expected to be grouped atop the results. ANO finished in the middle of their expected range of outcomes. SPOLU received support at the top of their expected range. PiratStan finished below their expected outcome. The only other party to receive enough votes to be represented in Parliament- SPD- finished in the lower range of their expected outcomes. The Social Democrats and the Communist Party both fell out of Parliament for the first time since 1992. Turnout bumped up from 2017 (+5%). 
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11th October 2021 / Politics / Elections

Election 2021 Report

During the last weekend, the Czech Republic held one of its probably most important election in years. The Parliamentary Election, which many media had described as the ones in which Czechs would decide whether their country would follow a similar path as Poland or Hungary, have seen the success of liberal democratic parties over populism and nationalism.    
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic