28th August 2015

Politics:: Echo24.cz: Petition against xenophobia signed by 500 Czech scientists. More reactions, interviews (updated)


Five hundred representatives of Czech academic and research organisations signed and released the Scientists against fear and indifference petition against rising xenophobia and radicalization of the Czech society. Read more here (in Czech).

Also, click on the DVTV interview with Czech writer Petra Hůlová on the gray zone between natural fear and racism, and Czech intellectual elite who do not offer solutions other than criticism of xenophobia. View an interview with Helena Illnerová, former president of the Czech Academy of Science and signatory of the Scientists against fear and indifference petition.

An interview on Radio Prague with director of Centre for Integration Vladislav Günter here. An interview with the International Organisation for Migration CR (IOM) consultant Jan Schroth on Czech Television as a reaction to the PM Sobotka's speech at the gathering of ambassadors to the Czech Republic - the speech in English and Czech.

People in Need (Člověk v tísni) statement on the migration issue in the Czech Republic.

Commentaries by Czech Members of European Parliament Ježek, Zdechovský, Niedermeyer here. MEP Zahradil amd Šimon Pánek (People in Need) in an interview on DVTV.

View also recent Eurobarometer data here and here. More details about the Muslim community in the Czech Republic are available here (source: Radio Prague).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic