12th October 2014

Politics: Municipal and Senate (1st round) Election Results

On Friday 10th October and on Saturday 11th October elections to the municipalities and also first round of senate elections were held. The turnout was expectedly low at 44.46 % for municipal elections and 38.62 % for the first round of senate elections where one third of the upper chamber of parliament is elected. In absolute numbers most mandates in municipal elections were won by independent candidates and associations of independent candidates, it is 41 460 mandates. As for the major political parties and number of mandates won the KDU ČSL was the most successful one with 3 996 mandates that was even 100 mandates more than in previous elections. They were followed by ČSSD (3 806) that on the contrary lost 800 mandates and worsened its position especially in major cities and surrendered its leading position to ANO which received 1 610 mandates but in relative  strength was the most successful party with the 14.59 % share. ANO also won elections in many populous and in all but four regional cities and in Prague. According to political scientist Petr Just this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be part of ruling coalition in all the cities where it won as other parties often delimit themselves in relation to ANO.

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