14th March 2018

Radio Praha: New Merkel mandate seen as best scenario for Czech Republic

Angela Merkel is sworn into office for her fourth term on Wednesday. And while that might be the best scenario for neighbour, the Czech Republic, it will also step up the pressure to get a stable Czech government in place, Radio Praha writes.

But in many ways Merkel is regarded as sympathetic to the Czech Republic and other Central European countries. She has personal ties after spending half a year in Prague in the early 1980’s on a short research programme. 

And for the most part she is regarded as having made efforts to consult and bring along the Central European countries on European reforms when she did not necessarily have to bother. Some analysts warned that if Social Democrat leader Martin Schultz had been chancellor, Central European countries would have got shorter shift. 

Vladimír Handl is an expert on German affairs connected to the Prague-based Institute of International Relations. He says the new mandate for Merkel is the best scenario the Czech Republic could hope for: 

ʺI think the Czech Republic can expect a partner who will continue to systematically build Czech-German relations. I do not think there will be any fundamental change in policy, economic or political. And on the issues where there are differences, they will still be on the table but I don’t think there will be any major change or crisis situation.ʺ 

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