9th January 2018

The Slovak Spectator: Babiš visits Slovakia, meets Fico

New Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš visited Bratislava and was “welcomed home” by his Slovak counterpart.



The Visegrad Group (V4 – Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland) was on the agenda.

Both PMs declared interest to coordinate their steps within the European Union. Fico stressed the potential to find a joint stance also in the topics such as migration and the reform of the asylum system. Babiš added, as quoted by the Pravda daily on January 8, that migrant redistribution quotas do not work.

When asked about the Czech Republic’s ambitions to join the eurozone, Babiš said that he sees more negatives than positives for the country in this regard.

“We are happy with the Czech crown,” Babiš stated, as quoted by Pravda.

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