27th May 2015

Politics: Czech Ministry of Labor: Social exclusion and poverty in the Czech Republic doubles


The number of socially excluded locations and people in the Czech Republic has doubled since 2006, with almost 115,000 people in 606 locations affected by social exclusion and poverty. The Analysis of socially excluded locations in the Czech Republic was published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on 27 May 2015.

The analysis found 606 socially excluded locations in 297 municipalities, compared with 310 locations in 2006. The number of socially excluded locations has risen in all Czech regions. Compared with 2006 results, there is an increase in the number of socially excluded locations where Roma population do not constitute majority population. Also, socially excluded people have increasingly been moving (or have been moved) from cities to municipalities or peripheries with underdeveloped or non-functioning infrastructure.

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