21st June 2015

Politics: Conference on TTIP in Ostrava, 17 June 2015


On 17 June 2015, the Conference on TTIP took place in Ostrava. Videos from the conference in Czech are available here:

TTIP from the European Union perspective - Jolana Mungengová, European Commission, DG Trade

TTIP from the perspective of national interests - Dita Charanzová, MEP, ANO

TTIP from the perspective of national interersts - Pavel Svoboda, MEP, KDU-ČSL

Current agreement with the USA - Lenka Fojtíková, VŠB-Technical university of Ostrava, Faculty of Economy

Available information on TTIP - Gabriela Kuželová, Moravian-Silesian Region, Department of the International Relations

TTIP from the business perspective - Marino Radačič, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Department of the International Economic Policies


To view updated EU negotiating texts in TTIP click here.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic