5th June 2015

Politics: EU Commissioner for Trade C.Malmström's speech on TTIP in Prague


On 5 June 2015 EU's Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström spoke about TTIP at a citizens' dialogue meeting held at the Charles University. The Commissioner outlined the economic benefits of the TTIP, benefits from a better-functioning government, and the strategic benefit of a strengthened alliance between the EU and the United States of America.

"...First, by making it easier to import, it means that we can have a wider choice of goods and services at lower prices. That benefits all of us, starting with the poorest in the society.

Second, again by making it easier to import, trade agreements lower costs and expand choice for companies who import parts, components, raw materials and energy. That makes our companies more competitive and more productive, meaning they can beat their rivals on the world stage. And that, in turn, means sustainable jobs in Europe.

Third, by making it easier to export, trade agreements directly create jobs in export-driven companies. One in six people at work in the Czech Republic today are employed thanks to exports outside of the European Union. And every new billion euros that the EU exports is worth roughly 14 000 jobs within our borders..."

To read the whole speech, click here. To view Mrs. Malström's speech on the geopolitical impact of the TTIP (3 June 2015, European Parliament), click here. View also an interview with Mrs. Malmström on the Czech Television.

The press release of the Office of the Government published after the meeting of Prime Minister Sobotka with Commissioner Malmström says that as for the specific content of the agreement, the Czech Republic will aim at making it easier to enter the U.S. market for the Czech small and midsize businesses that do not have the capacity to monitor and overcome the current barriers to trade. The Czech Republic will aim at stregthening the cooperation in regulation of the automotive, medical devices, engineering and pharmceutical industries. „Our goal is to strengthen mutual trade with the U.S., as this will lead to the creation of new jobs and increase the number of contracts for Czech companies,“ Prime Minister Sobotka said after the meeting with Commissioner Malmström.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic