13th March 2015

Politics: European Council President Donald Tusk meets President Obama

The new European Council President Donald Tusk met with his U.S. counterpart, President Obama on Monday 9 March in Washington, D.C. at a bilateral meeting. In his speech, President Tusk reiterated the various conflicts that the Western world is facing – from Ukraine, through ISIS in the Middle East to unrest in Libya. His crucial point was trans-Atlantic unity. According to President Tusk, our adversaries are seeking to weaken our unity. According to him, it is now very clear that our adversaries are trying to dissolve the intra-EU, but also the trans-Atlantic bond. It is paramount, now more than ever, that we stay united, President Tusk stressed. He employed the well-known American phrase “United We Stand Divided We Fall”. He thus made the point not only for political unity, that is being under attack from propaganda, acts of violence and violation of our neighbors´ territorial integrity. He stressed also the importance of TTIP and stated that agreeing will not be as difficult, as people seem to think. Similar language was employed also by President Obama.

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