6th August 2017

Eurostat: 19% of Czech businesses with access to internet purchased cloud services in 2016

In 2016, one third (32%) of people in the EU who had used the internet within the 3 months prior to the survey reported that they had used cloud services and  this was a 5 percentage points increase compared with 2014. Eurostat reported.

Among the Member States, the share of cloud users ranged from just over one fifth in Poland (21%) and around 27% in the Czech Republic to nearly half of all internet users in Sweden (48%).

In the EU, 44 % of younger internet users aged 16 to 24 years took advantage of cloud services, whereas the lowest share was registered among older internet users aged 65 to 74 years, of whom 19 % used these services.

In 2016, practically all businesses in the EU (97 %) had access to the internet. Among them, 22 % purchased cloud computing services; this is a minor increase compared with 19 % in 2014. This share was considerably higher for large businesses (45 %) than for SMEs (21 %). As for the Czech Republic, around 19% of businesses with access to internet purchased cloud computing services in 2016.

Among the EU Member States, the purchase of cloud services by businesses in 2016 was most common in Finland (57 %), Sweden (49 %) and Denmark (42 %).

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