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7th March 2018 / Good governance / Tax & Finance

Good governance: What we should be discussing about highway tolls

In all the commotion over who will win the highway toll tender, commercially and politically, any chance of a reasonable discussion about why we would want a toll system, and what sort of toll system is best for the country, has been lost. This is a defeat for us all. The purpose of public procurement is to use private money collected through taxes and expend it on public goods that will deliver a higher value to the economy and society than if that money had been spent by individual citizens. Since we have had no public debate on what the value of highway tolls are, we have no way of assessing how much value we would receive from any winner of the tender.

14th March 2018 / Competitiveness / Trade and Investment

Radio Praha/E15: Czech foreign owned companies take second biggest dividend yield in 2017: report

Foreign–based mother companies of some of the Czech Republic’s biggest firms last year claimed the second highest dividend yield from their local assets ever, according to calculations by the business daily E15, Radio Praha writes. A study by the consultancy company Bisnode suggests that the domination of foreign owned companies of the overall Czech economy has been dropping in recent years, though.

14th March 2018 / Competitiveness / Technology, R&D and Innovation 10 Czech startups to watch in 2018

The Czech Republic is known for a solid infrastructure, a highly educated and skilled workforce, and relatively low wage costs. No wonder that many interesting companies were born here – AVG, Avast, Apiary to name just a few. This month we took a close look at the Czech startup scene and created a list of 10 promising startups to watch in 2018.

14th March 2018 / Politics / Elections

Radio Praha: New Merkel mandate seen as best scenario for Czech Republic

Angela Merkel is sworn into office for her fourth term on Wednesday. And while that might be the best scenario for neighbour, the Czech Republic, it will also step up the pressure to get a stable Czech government in place, Radio Praha writes.

14th March 2018 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

The end of investment arbitrations against the Czech Republic?

On 6 March 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that the arbitration clause contained in the Agreement on the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments concluded between the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic and the Kingdom of the Netherlands is incompatible with European Union law, i.e. that the arbitration clause is inapplicable.

12th March 2018 / Amcham advocacy news / Legal Reform and Transparency

Michal Nebeský: AmCham is not here to create democracy, but we are here to support it

One hundred years after the founding of the Czech state, its economic and geopolitical situation has never been as successful or certain as it is today. We all should be concerned about the global threat to democracy, and each of us need to remember that voting is our right, but participating in the political life of the country our responsibility. AmCham will continue to pursue its economic agenda in ways that support democratic consensus, and plans to focus again on procurement as way to improve economic competitiveness and strengthening public trust.


Strategic Directions for Czech Economic Policy

  1. 1) The home of value-added manufacturing
  2. 2) Prague-Brno-Ostrava Creative Triangle
  3. 3) Health Care as an export industry
  4. 4) Government as a competitive advantage

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