Spotlight issue

6th May 2016 / Good governance / Macroeconomic Indicators, Economic Growth

Finance Minister Andrej Babiš: Future Economy: "We need more capable people willing to work in government."

Andrej Babiš entered government with the promise to run it as he ran his business. This was a welcome promise for many Czech citizens, who had grown frustrated with a long period of unstable cabinets and technical governments. It has, he now admits, a promise that has been hard to keep...

26th May 2016 / Competitiveness / Technology, R&D and Innovation

Czech Statistical Office: Private entities receive 1/6 of direct state R&D investment in 2014

According to the Czech Statistical Office, EU’s public expenditure on R&D accounted for 0.7% of EU’s GDP in 2014, compared with 0.8% of GDP in the United States of America and Japan. The Czech public expenditure on R&D (CZK 27bn, i.e. 0.6% of the country’s GDP) amounted to 1% of the EU’s expenditure volume. In the Czech Republic, private entities (80% of them were private companies) received direct state funding worth CZK 3.4bn in 2014, that is one-sixth of the total.

25th May 2016 / Competitiveness / Trade and Investment

Invitation: TTIP: What is in it for Companies?

On 6 June, the conference TTIP: What is in it for Companies? will be held in Prague. Impacts of TTIP on SMEs, the latest state of play on SME cooperation between the European Commission and the US Administration, and the US business culture, as well as challenges that companies encounter during their expansion in the US market will be discussed.

24th May 2016 / Economic policy / Tax & Finance

PwC's Peter Chrenko: "Willingness to change the law substantially won't cumulate twice."

If the Ministry of Finance intends to draft a new income tax act, the question is, whether the ambition behind is pure legislative perfectionism or the overall tax policy would be reviewed and revised, too, says Peter Chrenko, Partner, PwC Czech Republic in an interview on evidence-based tax policy as well as BEPS/ATAD projects. Read details inside. Uvnitř rozhovor i v českém jazyce.

24th May 2016 / Competitiveness / Trade and Investment

Invitation: TTIP: Win-Win for All?

The conference TTIP: Win-Win for All? to be held on 30 May in Prague will present the findings of a study on the potential impact of TTIP on the EU by the World Trade Institute (WTI) of the University of Bern, Switzerland. It will also explore some of the opportunities and challenges presented by TTIP for both the EU and the US.

22nd May 2016 / Economic policy / Trade and Investment

Trade SIA on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA

Ecorys drafted a report, Sustainability Impact Assessment, that contains the overall economic, social, human rights and environmental impacts analyses. Also the first steps (i.e. the baseline and an overview of the market access issues) of the in-depth sector studies are included in the report.



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