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21st March 2017 / Competitiveness / Macroeconomic Indicators, Economic Growth

OECD Reform Agenda for 2017: Czech Republic: Convergence of income and productivity levels have recently resumed

OECD issued Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth report that reviews progress in structural reforms in areas related to Going for Growth policy recommendations over the period 2015-16.


21st March 2017 / Economic policy / Employment and Social Affairs

FastCompany: Our Aging Population Can Be An Economic Powerhouse–If We Let It

With more and more people hitting what was once considered “retirement age,” it’s impractical for cities and communities to count on young people alone to act as economic drivers. Welcoming more older people into the workforce will not detract from the number of jobs available to younger workers.

20th March 2017 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

UN World Happiness Report 2017: Czechs' happiness rising

United Nation's World Happiness Report 2017 ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels. The Czech Republic ranks 23rd, compared with 27th place in 2016.

17th March 2017 / Good governance / Public Procurement

V.Kosek, Johnson & Johnson on public procurement: Who will be the first one courageous enough to use the „willingness to pay for better quality“ model?

"How do you buy things? Do you always buy the cheapest product?  For example when you decide to purchase a TV, do you say: 1 TV please?," Vladimir Kosek, Commercial & Market Access Manager, Johnson & Johnson, asks.

16th March 2017 / Politics / Elections

WEF/The Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index 2016: Eastern Europe questions the benefits of democracy

The Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU’s) Democracy Index 2016 measures the state of democracy by rating electoral processes and pluralism, the state of civil liberties, the functioning of government, political participation and political culture in more than 160 countries worldwide. The Czech Republic ranks 31st.

Strategic Directions for Czech Economic Policy

  1. 1) The home of value-added manufacturing
  2. 2) Prague-Brno-Ostrava Creative Triangle
  3. 3) Health Care as an export industry
  4. 4) Government as a competitive advantage

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