Economic policy

This section reports on economic policy initiatives of the Czech government, the EU, and other entities that have a direct impact on the competitiveness of the country. It also includes information on economic priorities of the AmCham and other leading associations.

Spotlight issue

7th May 2024 / Economic policy / Digital Agenda

AmCham Digitizing Czechia conference: The progress is better than what the headlines would have you believe.

At AmCham’s third Digitizing Czechia event, Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartoš reported on the government’s progress toward digitization, and listed his priorities heading into the final year of this governing coalition. The progress is better than what the headlines would have you believe. The priorities illustrate how much political fragmentation is preventing us from fully exploiting the potential provided by an ever-expanding array of digital tools.   
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7th May 2024 / Economic policy / Macroeconomic Indicators, Economic Growth

Czech Statistical Office: The Czech Economy Development (H2 2023)

Czech Statistical Office published an overview of the economic trends in Czechia in the second half of 2023.
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17th April 2024 / Economic policy / Health Care

AmCham Health Care Council held a focused expert roundtable on priorities for the Czech health care system

Last week, AmCham Health Care Council led by AmCham Board of Directors members Michala Malát, Executive Director Johnson & Johnson MedTech and Václav Novotný of Aspironix held a roundtable on the future of health care at Deloitte offices in Prague. We appreciate very much the insights of the expert panel.
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6th March 2024 / Economic policy / Macroeconomic Indicators, Economic Growth

Outlook for the Czech economy in 2024: Recovery from high inflation

A look back at last year reveals the problems of an economy that has undergone a series of unusually strong shocks in recent years. From the pandemic to the energy crisis. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic is the only EU country that has still not been able to cope with the negative effects of these shocks and where the performance of the economy has still not reached the level of the end of 2019.  However, last year can also be seen as a turning point. The government was able to push through a consolidation package that should bring public finances significantly closer to a sustainable long-term position. In other words, the growth rate of government debt as a share of GDP should slow down significantly in the coming years. 
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