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Spotlight issue

23rd October 2017 / Politics / Elections

To the victor goes the toil

His opponents turned this election into a referendum on Andrej Babis. He won. Now he has to figure out how to glue together a coalition that can govern. Version in Czech inside.
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11th December 2017 / Politics / Elections

European social survey includes Czechs' attitudes towards key issues

The latest data release shows attitudes towards climate change and parliamentary trust.
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28th November 2017 / Politics / Elections

Lessons learnt from 2017 political campaign

The key for your marketing success is to find your motivators and your barriers. What works are personalized campaigns, private profiles and authenticity.
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23rd November 2017 / Politics / Elections

AMO V.Dostál, Z.Végh: Trends of Visegrad European Policy - research paper, survey

Vít Dostál and Zsuzsanna Végh published a research paper examining trends of Visegrad European Policy. The authors aim to answer the question whether there is a common view of the Visegrad Group on key EU policies and the future of the Union. They detect what are the main areas in which the V4 countries are diverging, or which topics, on the other hand, they can speak with one voice.
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