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Spotlight issue

27th June 2017 / Politics / Elections

The Trump Administration: How much will it change, and what will it mean for Czechs and Europe?

What questions need answering to determine how President Trump- or, even more broadly, Republican control of Washington- will change the economies and policies of Europe? There are four. Will the Trump Administration change the US approach to global trade? Will the US accelerate the change in the security relationship with Europe? Will the Trump Administration enact economic policies domestically that will prolong its period of global dominance? And what will be Europe’s response to the Trump Administration?
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27th June 2017 / Politics / Elections

Elections and Politics: Assessing the landscape at the start of the Election Campaign

Does anybody really feel like doing this? Like its fellow citizens in France, England and America, Czechs head to polls this autumn to choose a new parliament, which will also decide the new prime minister and government. Although politics is already in tumult- Finance Minister Babis left the government and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka was removed as party chair and election leader- the general population does not appear either too upset or enthusiastic about what has happened. The following primer tries to give you an assessment of where we stand today, and what each party needs to do to improve their standing in the next parliament. Our analysis will be updated in September.  
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16th June 2017 / Politics / Employment and Social Affairs

U.S. Chamber’s Donohue Applauds Workforce Development Executive Order

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue issued the following statement today on President Trump’s executive order related to workforce development:
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15th June 2017 / Politics / Elections

Invitation: Public Affairs seminar: Months of uncertainty: How to get your business ready for the election period

Grayling, together with the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, would like to invite you to a breakfast seminar on business challenges during the election period. As the general elections are approaching, political environment is getting less predictable. The purpose of this event is to discuss pitfalls and opportunities that will arise in the upcoming 6 months.
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic