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10th August 2020 / Politics / Elections

Czech government prepares plan to access EU funds

On July 21, the European Council reached a deal on a recovery package, with two elements: a response to the coronavirus crisis (the Next Generation EU (NGEU) and a revised European budget (the Multiannual Financial Framework), in the total amount of 1,824.3 billion euro. In order to access the grant support, the EU countries must now prepare national recovery plans for 2021-2023 which need to be consistent with the country-specific recommendations and contribute to green and digital transitions.
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14th October 2020 / Politics / Elections

Senate Election Report 2020

The second round of the 1/3 Senate elections was dominated by the centrist and right-wing parties that form the opposition to the central government – the Mayors and Independents, Civic Democrats and Cristian Democrats – who won 18 out of the 27 seats available. The government coalition parties (the ANO and Social Democrats), on the other hand, failed miserably, winning just one seat. The Social Democrats even lost their own senatorial club after the election.
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5th October 2020 / Politics / Elections

Regional Election Report 2020

Historically the regional elections have always been a testing ground for the upcoming general election, which is key to the central government and determines the country’s leadership for the next few years. As with everything nowadays, even this element of public life has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Even so, the overall voter turnout was almost 38%, which is one of the better results for this type of election. As such, the results will give us a greater insight into the ever-closing big election event of 2021.
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29th September 2020 / Politics / Elections

The US elections: What you need to know

As Trump and Joe Biden go head to head for their first presidential TV debate tonight, we outline the key issues, the factors that could still swing the outcome and three possible scenarios. Despite leading in the polls, the risk of a weak performance by Biden as sometimes seen during the Democrat primaries means his victory isn't assured either
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