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18th October 2018 / Politics / Elections

Grayling Czech Republic: Political Digest - Senate Election

At the time of municipal election, part of Czech citizens selected one third (27) of the Senate members as well. After rather big reputational fail of the current governmental parties in big cities such as Prague or Brno, the results of the Senate election seem to lay basis for a substantive opposition to the government politics.
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1st November 2018 / Politics / Elections

Grayling Political Digest: Tug of War

With another election month in the Czech Republic over, we can now see the initial effects as the dust of coalition negotiations slowly settles over towns and cities across the country. Despite a clear victory for the ANO movement in most places, there was no shortage of surprises in negotiations on coalitions in many municipalities.  
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10th October 2018 / Politics / Elections

Grayling Czech Republic Political Digest - Municipal Election

Most of us have been exposed to the relentlessness of the election campaign over the past few months leading up to the municipal election at the end of last week.
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9th October 2018 / Politics / Elections

Grayling Czech Republic Political Digest September 2018

With everybody wanting a slice of the pie – power at Prague City Hall – even a post-election coalition of ODS, ANO movement and TOP09 block is possible. This would be unimaginable in the Chamber of Deputies, but these are municipal elections and everything and anything could happen.
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic