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20th December 2021 / Politics / Elections

Next Government: What to expect?:This government have more economic horsepower behind them than any previous government

Czechia will move from a government dominated by one personality to a coalition with many moving parts. The incoming Prime Minister- Petr Fiala of ODS- is touted by his former colleagues in academia for his experience with herding professioral cats: his strength, they say, is merging others' ambitions into a single objective. 
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17th January 2023 / Politics / Elections

Czech Presidential election 2023 - report by Grayling Czech Republic

Grayling Czech Republic published a report with profiles of two candidates for the second round of the presidential election (January 27-28, 2023).
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10th October 2022 / Politics / Elections

Grayling Czech Republic: Czech Municipal Election 2022 Report

Voter turnout in this year’s municipal elections was the fourth lowest in the modern history at 46%. Read more in the Czech Municipal Election 2022 Report by Grayling Czech Republic.
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20th January 2022 / Politics / Elections

CEE Covid-19 & Political Overview

Regional update on the Covid-19 and political overview from Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.    
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic