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Spotlight issue

29th January 2019 / Politics / Elections

The Future of Prague Series with Praha Sobě

On January 25, AmCham held a discussion on housing issues with Lenka Burgerová (Praha Sobě), Prague City Hall Council member and Deputy Mayor for Prague 7.
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23rd January 2019 / Politics / Elections

The Future of Prague series with ODS representatives

AmCham is meeting with housing and transportation experts from all parties in the new Prague City Council to discuss how they can innovate to meet the demand for qualified workforce. 
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19th December 2018 / Politics / Business and Industry

Czech Politics 2019: Key Questions for Business

Will Mr. Babis exit 2019 stronger, or will his opponents gain ground? Politics is driving the country into two camps: pro-Babis and anti-Babis. Three fac-tors will determine which camp gains the upper hand in 2019.
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