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11th October 2021 / Politics / Elections

Election 2021 Report

During the last weekend, the Czech Republic held one of its probably most important election in years. The Parliamentary Election, which many media had described as the ones in which Czechs would decide whether their country would follow a similar path as Poland or Hungary, have seen the success of liberal democratic parties over populism and nationalism.    
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8th October 2021 / Politics / Elections

Pre-election Snapshop - Report by Grayling Czech Republic

The Czech citizens will soon cast their vote in one of the most important election over the past few years. Not only because they will select new members for the most important legislative body in the country - the Chamber of Deputies, but because it will be also crucial for the opposition parties, which have come together like never before to challenge the current PM – Andrej Babiš.  
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22nd September 2021 / Politics / Elections

HOW TO INCREASE CZECHIA'S PLACE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: Live stream from the pre-election debate

Watch live stream from the pre-election debate organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the Aspen Institute. Markéta Pekarová Adamová of SPOLU, Karel Havlíček of ANO and Lukáš Wagenknecht of Česká pirátská strana/Starostové a nezávislí will discuss how climate change will reshape the economy, how the country can increase its innovative potential, how the country should prepare its workforce for the next period of economic progress and whether geopolitical tensions will change the country's approach to trade with AmCham Vice-President Milan Šlapák of GE Aviation, HST Chamber of commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic President and The Aspen Institute Board member Marek Procházka, and British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic Vice-Chair Petr Karel of London Market.
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic