Economic policy / Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism

This section reports on economic policy initiatives of the Czech government, the EU, and other entities that have a direct impact on the competitiveness of the country. It also includes information on economic priorities of the AmCham and other leading associations.

Spotlight issue

3rd November 2020 / Economic policy / Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism

Impact of Tourists on the Economy - AmCham Hospitality Recovery Proposal

International tourism contributes more to the country’s economy than is revealed in national statistics. Not only do tourists serve an “export” role by spending income earned abroad at Czech hotels and in other industries designated as the tourist sector, but tourists also support the restaurant, retail, culture, banking (through withdrawal fees), telecommunication, and transport industries. National and city assessments of the economy do not assess this impact. We estimate, conservatively, that tourists contribute CZK 11,189 per night spent in Prague.  
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3rd May 2023 / Economic policy / Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism

AmCham Tourism Council: We need to know the real contribution of tourists to the economy

Tourism is a form of inverted export. Export sends products abroad so foreigners will spend money on them and create Czech national wealth. Tourism encourages foreigners to come here to spend their money and raise Czech national wealth. Tourism policy should focus on increasing the amount each visitor to Czechia spends.
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15th November 2021 / Economic policy / Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism

Future of Prague Series: AmCham Prague Council and Tourism Council on how to generate more revenue per tourist

Prague has great beer. The city also preserved a historic city center that rivals Venice in size and beauty. The cobblestone streets of Bohemia’s capital offers much, much more. Karel Capek invented the word robot in one of his visionary plays about mankind’s future. His invention sits on the shoulders of other literary creations such as Meyrinck’s Golem or Kafka’s Metamorphosis.
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17th July 2020 / Economic policy / Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism

AmCham CZ: Return to Bohemia and Moravia

Covid has had and likely will have a devastating short-term impact on the Czech tourism industry. The tourist sector depends on foreign guests for a large share of its income. This is particularly true of Prague. The domestic tourism market should revive this summer, although decreased family incomes– or fears of decreased incomes– may result in less spending and shorter stays through the winter ski season.
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