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15th November 2017 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

Sharing economy in the Czech Republic has a potential of up to CZK 60 billion

The volume of the sharing economy in the Czech Republic could reach 1.19% of GDP, i.e. CZK 59.9 billion, as follows from Deloitte’s latest study of the sharing economy in the Czech Republic. Its highest potential is in the sectors of transportation, accommodation and finance. Deloitte’s analysts estimate that at present the volume of the sharing economy is thirty times smaller. The country with the most developed sharing economy in Europe is the United Kingdom.

13th November 2017 / Economic policy / Macroeconomic Indicators, Economic Growth

ifo World Economic Climate Indicator Reaches Highest Level Since 2011

The climate improved in nearly all regions of the world. With the exception of the Middle East and Northern Africa, experts across the globe assessed the current economic situation more positively, ifo Institute, Centre for Economic Studies Munich states in their latest report on global economic climate.

13th November 2017 / Competitiveness / Technology, R&D and Innovation

CEITEC: Scientists from CEITEC BUT are for the first time in the history of the Czech Republic coordinators of the prestigious FET Open project

Highly original, visionary, essential for society's needs and development. These are the conditions which must be met by the project submitted to the prestigious Future Emerging Technology (FET) research project contest. The team from CEITEC BUT (Brno University of Technology) not only succeeded, but also for the first time in Czech history will be project coordinators. With budget 2.89 EUR they will focus on the unique innovation of electron paramagnetic resonance.

13th November 2017 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

Radio Praha: GRECO President in Prague: 'Without good people, even a perfect law is futile.'

'One of our recommendations in the fourth round is related to implementation – that is an area where the country needs to step up its efforts.'

13th November 2017 / Competitiveness / Technology, R&D and Innovation

AMSP: Czech entrepreneurs' spending on R&D and dependence on EU funds has grown

The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Tradesmen of the Czech Republic (AMSP CR) carried out an analysis of the state of entrepreneurs' investments in R&D and presented the results of a survey among small and medium-sized companies. Data from various sources inside.

Strategic Directions for Czech Economic Policy

  1. 1) The home of value-added manufacturing
  2. 2) Prague-Brno-Ostrava Creative Triangle
  3. 3) Health Care as an export industry
  4. 4) Government as a competitive advantage

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