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4th September 2023 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

Property Index Overview of European Residential Markets

The Czechs rank second to last across Europe in the availability of their own housing. After Slovakia, housing is the most expensive in relation to wages. For a 70 m2 flat, Czechs need the equivalent of 13.3 average gross annual salaries. The Czech Republic has long been one of the European countries with the least affordable housing.

1st September 2023 / Competitiveness / Legal Reform and Transparency

Coordination Committee clarifies changes to VAT Act for real estate

The Coordination Committee of the General Financial Directorate and the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic has dealt with changes to the VAT Act in connection with new construction regulations. The changes will be effective from 1 January 2024 and concern the construction industry and the supply and lease of real property.

24th August 2023 / Competitiveness / Trade and Investment

CzechInvest: Investment Climate in Czechia

The CzechInvest government agency has published a report on investment climate in English, a basic comprehensive marketing material about the Czech Republic. This publication offers an overview of the country's economic and political environment and highlights the key benefits, incentives and opportunities available to investors looking to settle in the heart of Europe.

23rd August 2023 / Economic policy / Technology, R&D and Innovation

AmCham Big Bets: We all understand the urgency and the importance, and the need to take major, well-calculated risks

AmCham met with representatives of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR) to discuss how we can drive up the value of private investments in technology development, and how we can make the magical triangle of innovation between government, universities and business generate more value for every crown invested. 

Strategic Directions for Czech Economic Policy

  1. Transition to High-Tech Manufacturing and Exports
  2. The City Campus as Idea Factory
  3. Government Programs and Processes That Drive Innovation
  4. Government as a Competitive Advantage, including Digitization

Advocacy Priorities for 2023 
Technology, People, Infrastructure


Actions Recommended in Areas:

1. Establishing Policy Objectives for Research.

2. Research Investment and Cooperation. Big Bets (Key Technology Projects).

3. Establishing Databases for Tracking Public Policy Outcomes.

4. Public Procurement as an Innovation Tool.

5. Immigration of STEM Talents.

6. Digitization of Immigration. 

7. Adult Reskilling and Upskilling.

8. Digitization of Land Use.

9. Infrastructure Development, including Technology Parks.



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