22nd May 2017

Eurostat: 9% of Czech companies analyze big data, most popular source of analysis is geolocation data of portable devices

In 2016, around three-quarters of businesses located in the European Union (EU), which employed at least 10 people, had a website and almost half used social media. However, only 10% reported having analysed big data, Eurostat says.

Of those who did analyse big data, the most popular sources of analysis were the geolocation data of portable devices, used by 47% of the businesses, and data generated from social media (45%). A third (33%) reported analysing their own big data obtained from smart devices and sensors, and a quarter (25%) used 'other sources'.

According to Eurostat, 9% of businesses located in the Czech Republic analyze big data (Malta and the Netherlands top the ranking with 19%).

More data on business located in the Czech Republic:
Big data analysis for the enterprise is done by the enterprise's own employees: 7% of businesses
Big data analysis for the enterprise is done by an external service provide: 4%

2% of businesses analyze data generated from social media.
5% analyse big data from geolocation of portable devices. 
4% analyse own big data from enterprise's smart devices or sensors.
2% analyse big data from other sources.

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