10th July 2018

F. Salzgeber, ESA for brnoregion.com: "There are no space technologies as such."

"I think you have got a good combination of universities, research centers and innovation and technology centers which are literally just across the street. People can change buildings and faculties and keep even the coffee warm by running because it is so close together. Overall, there is a good environment here and I think we should not only go to the big cities because bright heads are spread across the country and also here in Brno," says Frank Salzgeber, Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Center at the European Space Agency in an interview for brnoregion.com.


"In Brno, you have facilities on life science and materials. In Frankfurt, you have smart guys who specialize on navigation. It is the same guys who invented the MP3 algorithm. If you need chips, you go to IMEC Leuven. If you want to have a sectron, you go to STFC. If you need a clean room, special facility or engineers for solar, you speak with ESA. We are a partner network which is levered on local excellence and ESA is just giving a frame on top of that."


And how will ESA BIC help the #brnoregion?

"I don’t know if it will help. You know, I am convinced that we should plant trees to get the forest later. If we do not support young entrepreneurs and students, then we are doing something wrong. It is our job to be the good gardener, to give them the right sun, the right water, sometimes also to get them out of heat. This is what every region needs. See, I have twins who are 11 years old and I am sure they will not work in the coal industry or become farmers. If we want to keep our standard of living, high-tech and innovation is the only route which we can go."


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