25th February 2016

How digital is Czech Republic? New DESI figures by European Commission

Today the European Commission published the results of the 2016 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland continue to lead the DESI rankings In the overall ranking, the Czech Republic ranks 17th among EU 28, down two places compared with the 2015 progress report. Country profile and results for the Czech Republic are available here (in English).

In the Connectivity dimension the Czech Republic performs slightly above European average. The country continues to rank 15th among EU countries with an overall Connectivity score of 0.6, up from 0.58 a year ago

In the dimension Human Capital of DESI 2016, the Czech Republic performs below the EU average. The country lowered its position among EU countries to 14th (from 12th in the last year).

In terms of the propensity of individuals to use Internet services, the Czech Republic scores 0.42 (same as last year) and ranks 20th among EU countries (lowering its position from 18th place previous year).

In the dimension Integration of Digital Technology by businesses in the DESI 2016 Czech Republic scores 0.39 and ranks 12th among EU countries (down from 10th place last year).

According to the report, the Czech SMEs are at risk at losing their position as EU leaders in selling on-line (6th place down from the 2nd place the previous year). The turnover from online sales slightly decreased to 17% (down from 18% the year before). On-line sales to other EU member states are stagnating (12%) but still Czech SMEs are among the top 3. This means that, despite a slowdown, Czech businesses take advantage of the possibilities and benefits offered by digital technologies, both to improve their efficiency and productivity as well as to access wider markets. 

In the Digital Public Services dimension the Czech Republic scores 0.4 and ranks 24th among the EU countries. There are significant shortcomings especially on the supply-side of digital public services. The efficiency of the public administration could be increased by providing more and better on-line public services and stimulating the use of e-government services, the report says.

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