6th November 2018

Increased Productivity for Three-thirds of Czech Businesses due to Robotic Process Automation

“The outcomes of the survey are also reflected on the Czech market. Underestimated project complexity is one of the major factors preventing Czech businesses from implementing automation to a greater scale. This also involves delays due to difficulties in determining roles and responsibilities as well as security setup and compliance. However, as far as digitalisation is concerned, Czech companies are a step ahead of surveyed businesses from other regions. Therefore, the figures representing a productivity increase in the Czech Republic may seem lower than in other regions because the initial values were different,” said Jan Hejtmánek, Senior Manager at Deloitte responsible for RPA.

Furthermore, the RPA study indicates that an increased level of digitalisation in the Czech Republic is also reflected in the number of companies that have already deployed digitalisation: 67% globally compared with less than 50% in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, further RPA expansion remains a challenge for companies. Only 4% of respondents operate more than 50 robots. 

“What is more, Czech enterprise not only address RPA expansion but also seek reasons for doing so,” added Hejtmánek.

Both globally and in the Czech Republic, respondents agree that large-scale RPA expansion in enterprises is principally hindered by fragmented processes, the absence of a clear RPA vision and insufficient IT processes. Interestingly, cost savings as a motivation for launching RPA experienced a substantial decrease year-on-year (from 21% to 5%).

More information on Deloitte’s study The robots are waiting – are you ready to reap the benefits? is available here.

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