20th May 2021

Prague Airport to Implement New Geographic Information System

Prague Airport uses the Airport Geographic Information System (GIS) to acquire and manage geographic information. The system integrates all data containing location information, primarily the topography of outdoor areas, buildings, rooms and utility engineering alongside data closely related to aviation, such as protection zones, obstacle monitoring, location of radio navigation equipment, day and night markings to facilitate aircraft ground navigation. In practice, for example, in the event of a fire, the airport knows where the nearest fire extinguisher and hydrant are, how many employees are in the building or where there is an escape route.

"Location data management is essential for the operation of the Prague Airport complex as it gives a new dimension to the large volume of data. We are also preparing to provide aviation data in an exchange format for aviation. I believe that we are on the right track towards new opportunities,” Roman Janeček, Head of the Prague Airport Geodesy and Cartography Team.

"In the field of geoinformatics, we have extensive experience with the implementation of the largest of projects in energy and telecommunications market segments. We believe that the solution provided by Esri, in combination with an experienced implementation partner, is the best choice," Václav Wiesner, Unicorn Systems Account Manager, added.

Currently, the analytical phase has been launched, with the new geographic system to be set-up within the next 14 months. During implementation, emphasis is placed on maximum compliance with the existing platform standards to ensure the latest features can be used without the need for complex system updates. Prague Airport employees will receive a modern system comprising a set of specialised map applications capable of supporting specific user scenarios. The latest version of the ArcGIS Pro map client will be available for complex analytical tasks.


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