1st March 2018

10 rules in education by the Permanent Conferece of Associations in Education (SKAV)

10 rules in education by the Permanent Conferece of Associations in Education (SKAV


Members of the Permanent Conferece of Associations in Education have agreed on the following set of basic principles that are related to life-long education of an individual. They have also confirmed their intention to strive for realisation of the principles within their activities.

1. We strive for a society that is socially coherent, fair, considerate towards all living beings and the environment and that is based on freedom and responsibility of each individual.

2. The mission of education is to allow everyone develop their potential as much as possible, find thier place in the society and live a happy life.

3. The desire to learn is natural and quality education is based upon that. Without internal motivation, self-respect, responsibility and independence cannot develop.

4. Quality learning and development of one’s personality takes place exclusively in an environment of mutual relations, safety, trust and meaningful stimulation.

5. We learn from each other. Interaction in a group of people sharing cultural, social, age and other differences assists this process.

6. Each individual learns in a different way. That is why we believe it is necessary to respect the needs of each individual and provide them with support in finding their own way.

7. Education professionals are guides in the educational process. They are responsible for creating conditions, environment and stimulation.

8. Education professionals provide a targeted feedback that facilitates learning and development of one‘s personality.

9. Only through joint care we can create an environment of quality education and education accessible for everyone. The role of the government is to secure freedom and fairness in education.

10. In the final instance, every individual themselves is responsible for their education.





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