22nd July 2021

3D printing in education - curriculum resources

Each quarter, new 3D lessons are added. Here are five new premium lessons awaiting teachers:

Some students (and teachers) might recognize the term “Ocarina” from the video game, Zelda Ocarina of Time. This style of flute can be in a variety of shapes. Students will create their own Ocarina and learn to play Frère Jacques / Brother John.

BE3D Academy 3D Lesson: Ocarina

Chemical Coasters

Science is much more fun when you can 3D print something really useful. Take chemical compounds for example. Whether you are really into the science behind the compounds or not, learning about them becomes much more interesting when they are visualized as a drink coaster. The project in this 3D lessons produces a set of drink coasters in the shape of various chemical compounds. Start planning for Christmas, this could make a fun gift for the science lovers in the family.

BE3D Academy 3D Lesson: Chemical Coasters

QR Code
What are QR Codes and what is the history behind barcodes in general? Many restaurants used QR Codes in place of physical menus during Covid. We are likely going to see this piece of tech used more and more to provide touchless experiences. Students can use their imagination to create a target for their QR Code and print out a 3D version to test.

BE3D Academy 3D Lesson: QR Code

Geometric Animal Art
Here’s a good example where math and animal lovers can unite. In this lesson, students can choose from a variety of animal shapes that are printed as connected triangles, quadrilaterals, and irregular polygons. Students get a lesson in geometry when choosing from a variety of animal forms or can create their own.

BE3D Academy 3D Lesson: Geometric Animal Art

Maxwell Wheel
It can be difficult to understand the concepts behind gravitational and kinetic energy or potential and initial energy from a textbook. When using the Maxwell Wheel, these concepts come alive. Students will plan out their Maxwell Wheel design with its axel-mounted flywheel, 3D print it and see it in action.

BE3D Academy 3D Lesson: Maxwell Wheel

If you are a teacher or principal looking at 3D printing for your school, be sure to check out BE3D eDee, our 3D printing solution, specifically designed for Education, to be safe, easy to use and complete with 3D lesson plans.

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