24th June 2016

Eurostat: 16 students per 1,000 Czechs graduate in science, mathematics, computing, engineering, manufacturing, or construction | OECD Skills Matter report

In the Czech Republic, there are 16.6 graduates in tertiary education aged 20-29 in science, mathematics, computing, engineering, manufacturing, or construction per 1,000 inhabitants, the Eurostat data say, compared with 18.2 such graduates in Lithuania or 11.3 in Hungary, for example. The result for the Czech Republic in 2013 was 16.9 graduates in technical fields of study. View the data.

View also data published by the Eurostat saying that Engineering, manufacturing and construction dominated by male graduates. Women overrepresented in Education.

In an interview for Radio Zet, Dana Drábová, Head of the Czech Nuclear Authority (SÚJB), says that natural sciences are logical and anyone who wants to learn them, will learn them. It is not about the talent, but about the way of thinking. This way of thinking needs to be developed from early childhood. 

Click also on the recently published OECD report Skills Matter showing results for the Czech adult literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills, at or above the OECD average. Explore data for the Czech Republic in a table and interactive graphics (scroll down the page).

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