2nd December 2021

Masaryk University collaboration yields first 4 3D lessons

Recognizing that 3D printing is instrumental in student education, the university has expanded its involvement in 3D printing. Through a governmental grant, the University and Y Soft have embarked on a multiple year collaboration which includes creation of many 3D lessons to be exclusively offered through BE3D Academy. 

We are pleased to have the first four lessons from this collaboration in BE3D Academy.  

Under the Microscope 

In this biology lesson, students learn about bacteria – specifically cocci-diplococci, streptococci, staphylococci and other rod and spiral-shaped bacteria. They learn how some bacteria are helpful and some are harmful before 3D printing model representations of some common bacteria. 

3D models of bacteria

Orthographic Projection

Future engineers will learn the history behind technical drawings that date back to the Great Wall of China, The Pyramids, and the Colosseum. While many diagrams are flat, axonometric diagrams (isometric, dimetric or trimetric) can show multiple sides of an object. In this technical lesson, students learn what orthographic projections are and how 1st and 3rd angle orthographic projects can be created using a 3D printer. The lesson has two parts making it really challenging. 


Orthographic projection lesson in BE3D Academy




While most people think of maps when thinking about cartography, cartograms are a little more unique. A cartogram combines statistical information with geographical map data. Using 3D conveys the data statistics on a map. In this lesson, unemployment figures by districts in the Czech Republic are used as an example, but students can use any data set to make a unique cartogram. 

3D model of a cartogram in BE3D Academy lesson project



This one is for mathematics whizzes. In this lesson, students study three dimensional solids and the relationships between them by using planes of different shapes to intersect a cube. Stereometry is useful for measuring the volume of a variety of shapes.  Examples of stereometry components in a BD3D Academy 3D lesson


Check out these new 3D lessons and all the 3D lessons in BE3D Academy. All the lessons created through our collaboration with Masaryk University can be found using a filter. 

Elke Heiss


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