31st January 2018

NUV: Qualification mismatch low in engineering jobs

A recently published report by the National Institute for Education (NUV) shows that, overall, the level of application of qualification acquired by vocational education has not changed much over the 10-year period covered by the analysis. More pronounced, positive changes in terms of professional stability can be observed in the field of engineering.

"64% of all those trained in engineering have a job fully corresponding with their qualification. In the group of graduates aged up to 29, this share rises even to 70%. These are, for example, automotive mechanics and engineering equipment mechanics, locksmiths, tools or metalworkers," says Helena Úlovcová, Deputy Director of NÚV department for the management of the section for analysis, qualification and vocational training. "Graduates in the field of engineering have been the "most faithful" and stick the most to their qaulifications - not only at the time of leaving their school, but also during their professional life," explains Helena Úlovcová.

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Read also the study Building apprentices’ skills in the workplace: Car Service in Germany, the UK and Spain by Centre for Vocational Education Research (a summary in Czech is available here.)


Unlike citizens satisfied with the education system and the schools of the country (according to Gallup survey), employers have been pointing at the shortage of technically skilled labour.


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