12th April 2022

Prague ranked in the Campus Advisor’s Top Ten Student-Friendly Cities

Prague is a city full of expats, many of whom originally moved to the Czech capital for their studies. As the expat experience can differ from the student experience, we asked current UNYP students their opinions and general impressions of the city.

“The longer you stay in Prague, the more you will love it. When walking through the beautiful historic streets of Prague and experiencing the vibrant city life, many people realize why it’s often called the most beautiful city in the world”– Petr, a student of International Relations.

“Prague is the place you didn’t know you need. It is an amazing city with great views, and if Europe were a necklace, Prague would be the diamond. I feel at home here, the city has a really nice atmosphere. Moreover, for me, Prague is like a partner who you can always trust” – Nojan, a Psychology student. 

Compared to other European cities, Prague is known for cheaper average costs of living and public transport. The public transport, is comfortable as well as affordable – the trams, buses, and metro come on schedule and are almost always right on time. What’s more, even at night it is hard to get stranded in the city – public transport is available 24/7.

Moreover, Prague is beautiful. According to the Time Out magazine survey, Prague was voted the most beautiful city in the world. Located in the heart of Europe, the city is full of old bridges, cathedrals, and other beautiful buildings. Prague is also full of parks, so the city turns green every spring, and there are many places to walk, run or just sit on the grass with a slice of pizza.

Only two European cities were ranked higher than Prague: Vienna is in fourth place with a score of 4.46, and Berlin is in sixth place with a score of 4.42. Both Vienna and Berlin are easily accessible from Prague.


Source: UNYP

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