3rd August 2020

UNYP partners with Perlego to bring free digital textbooks to its students

While it is a considerable investment, we feel that the ensuring access and diversity will revolutionize the learning process. Free online access to a library of this size means that our students won't be confined to a single mandatory book per class, but can work with dozens of excerpts from different books while saving significant amounts of money on buying new books each semester. The free use of digital textbooks will prove to be part of a broader change in how the University of New York in Prague supports its students. The adoption and provision of technologies such as Perlego is a significant international trend for universities and colleges, and UNYP is proud to go with the times.  


What is Perlego?  

Perlego is often called the 'Spotify for textbooks' in the media. As an online subscription service, Perlego gives its subscribers unlimited access to over 300,000 titles, including a range of textbooks and non-fiction books, and a referencing tool that makes it easier for students to reference ebooks in their essays and theses. Perlego offers a great opportunity to improve learning outcomes by simply making content more accessible.  


"This new partnership with Perlego is a great opportunity to help our students save up to 20.000 CZK (760EUR)  a year on purchasing textbooks. Also, taking into consideration the fact that the situation around the new coronavirus is still unfolding, providing our students easy access to all education materials, is another way for UNYP to prepare them for the uncertainty of the upcoming Fall semester," says Dr. Andreas Antonopoulos, Rector of the University of New York in Prague. 


"The University of New York in Prague is known for going above and beyond for its students, and exploring new ways to deliver library resources online was the next logical step. In recent months, it has become clear that UNYP's student body and faculty require remote access to educational resources, provided simply and straightforwardly. We strongly believe that Perlego offers a unique approach that facilitates this and will directly benefit our educational process. This collaboration aims to support teaching, learning, and research at the University of New York in Prague." concludes Dr. Antonopoulos. 

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