14th April 2020

COVID-19 Resource calculator for Hospitals

The goal of this calculator is to allow a hospital to understand its resource use and demand, such as beds, ICU beds, ventilators, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

This calculator is effective for calculating the number of net new COVID-19 patients seen by a system each day, and how many of these patients will be in a hospital census over time - average length of stay (LOS). 

It also can help to forecast the demand for PPE over time based on patient volume.

It can help forecast daily bed needs by bed type (non-ICU and ICU) along with the project number of vents.

The calculator was developed for the USA, based on the data provided by CDC USA, but it can be localized for Czech Republic.

It’s build for Azure and except the small Azure consumption, there is no extra cost for the customer – we offer it for free.

Contact person: Yakov Ozer, Industry Executive - Public Sector, CEE | Czech Republic and Slovakia, 

E-mail: yaacov.ozer@microsoft.com


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